Free: the complete Scrum theory.

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The complete Scrum theory in one handy book

In the Scrum Body of Knowledge, you’ll read the complete theory about the Scrum framework from A to Z. From the principles of Agile and Scrum, the various Scrum roles, to details about, for instance, estimating the risks of projects.

This entirely updated fourth edition (2022) also offers two additional chapters on scaling Scrum. Both for large projects and its application in big organizations.

The SBOK was developed as a guide for professionals and organizations wanting to implement Scrum and as a reference for those who already do. It includes contributions from many Scrum experts, based on their experiences in thousands of projects across various types of organizations.

The SBOK can be used as a reference and knowledge guide by both experienced Scrum professionals and other product and service developers. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of Scrum or other project and organizational methods.

You can download it here for free as a PDF e-book.

By: Merijn Visman