What do I learn during the Scrum Basics training?

After following the Scrum Basics you:

  • understand what Agile working is according to the Scrum project approach
  • do have insight into the various roles in the Scrum Core Team
  • understand the meetings within a Scrum project
  • do have a good basis to participate in a Scrum Team as a team member
  • do have the Scrum Fundamentals certificate

Who is the training intended for?

You will soon be working as a Scrum Team Member. Or you want to prepare for such a role in future projects. In addition, you would like to learn how organizations can achieve better results faster with Scrum. If your company switches to Agile working, you can help implement it.

What can I expect?

If you are going to follow Scrum Basic training, you can expect the following from the course:

  • an intensive half-day course in which, in addition to theory, practice is also discussed
  • an Agile trainer with a lot of practical experience
  • a group of up to 8 people
  • access to a personal e-learning environment, including apps for your phone and tablet
  • including exam to certify you as Scrum Fundamentals Certified.

How do I follow the Scrum Basics training?

  • a few days before the training you will receive the written teaching material at home.
  • at the start of the class day you log in at home via your laptop or desktop to our Virtual Classroom. The class day is from 09:00-13:00. Because you can see and talk to each other and there are a maximum of 7 other participants, the interaction is guaranteed, just like in a real Scrum team.
  • after the class day you will receive a personal online e-learning for your laptop and tablet. Here you can further master the material on the basis of video material and quizzes and, if you wish, you can also take your exam

Where can I follow the Scrum Basics training?

You can follow this training via our Virtual Classroom, but also from one of our locations in Haarlem, Amsterdam or Maastricht. See the explanation above for the Virtual Classroom. Of course you can also follow the training in-company on request.

What does the training cost?

The costs for the training, including the exam, are EUR 595,– excl. VAT. You pay the entire amount before the start of the training after receipt of the final confirmation and invoice.

Why Scrum Basics?

In the search for a more effective and efficient way of working, Scrum has proven to be one of the most successful methods. Scrum is a method for adaptive project management. This means that during a project, adjustments can be made quickly based on new findings, changes or other factors.

This leads to a more efficient, but also more effective working method, resulting in a better intermediate or end product. One of the advantages of Scrum is that it is always applicable. Because it is a fairly generic working method, the method can be applied in almost every industry without major adjustments.

To use Scrum in the right ways and to achieve the best results with Scrum, it is important to be trained for this. Three roles are distinguished within Scrum: the Scrum Product Owner, the Scrum Master and Scrum Team Member. With this Scrum Basic training you will be trained to be able to function successfully as a Scrum Team Member.

Learn more

Do you want to know more about agile working, the basics of Scrum or more about the other roles within Scrum? iPeople regularly writes a blog about agile working and Scrum in particular. For example, read about agile working or more background information about agile scrum.

If you want to fulfill a different role within a Scrum team, take a look at our training for Scrum Product Owner Certified and Scrum Master Certified.


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