What am I learning?

After following the Scrum Product Owner training you:

  • understand why and how Scrum works best
  • know how you can act as a Scrum Product Owner for your team and for the stakeholders.
  • can draw up a clear vision statement that actually adds value.
  • can compose and prioritize user stories in a product backlog.
  • have insight into useful methods for dealing with a large group of stakeholders.
  • understand how to plan a (multi-year) budget within Scrum.
  • are able to implement Agile working in your organization?
  • are globally certified as a Scrum Product Owner?

Who is the Scrum Product Owner training for?

You think that Agile working according to Scrum can deliver better results for your organization and you want to play a leading role in this by representing the interests of the customer.

What can I expect?

  • an inspiring two-day Scrum Product Owner training with a lot of practical practice (~50%) in addition to theory (~50%):
  • a group of up to 8 people
  • an enthusiastic Agile trainer with a lot of practical experience
  • the Scrum Body of Knowledge and the Product Owner workbook
  • access to a personal e-learning, online learning environment with apps for your phone and tablet
  • including exam to certify you internationally as a Scrum Product Owner

How do I follow the Product Owner training?

Depending on your knowledge and practical experience, we have the following three options for you to train and certify yourself: the hybrid training, the online training and the e-learning.

Hybrid training

If you have little or no knowledge or experience of Scrum, our hybrid training is complete.

  1. you will receive the teaching material at home a few days before the training
  2. on the first and second half day of classes (both from 09:00-13:00) you can log in to our Virtual Classroom via your laptop. Because there are a maximum of 7 other participants, the interaction is guaranteed, just like in a real Scrum team
  3. You will physically attend the practical workshop day (from 09:30 to 16:30) together with the other participants as a Scrum team at our location in Haarlem or Antwerp. During this workshop day you will practice in practice and you will experience how Scrum theory comes to life in practice and what it is like to be a Product Owner in practice.
  4. you will receive a personal online e-learning for your laptop and tablet. Here you can further master the material on the basis of video material and quizzes and, if you wish, also plan and take all your exams

Online training

If you already have a lot of practical experience as a Product Owner, but you like to learn or refresh the theory interactively with others, then the Online training is your best choice. You then follow the program as above, but you do not participate in the practical workshop day.

What are the benefits of the Hybrid training?

The new way of working is partly at home, partly on location. Our hybrid Product Owner training fits in seamlessly with this and thus includes the best of both worlds; the interactivity of physical training with the flexibility and convenience of an online course.

During the hybrid training you combine two half days of interactive online theory with a full day workshop  on location, where you apply the role of the Scrum Master in practice.

Because of this:

  • you have to travel less and the two interactive half days can be combined with other activities,
  • you can progress effectively and quickly  for your certifying exam,
  • is there a start guarantee for the date on which you register, study material will be sent to you at home and
  • because our groups are never bigger than a real Scrum team, interactivity is guaranteed both online and physically.

And what if I already have practical experience as a Product Owner?

If you already have knowledge and practical experience as a Scrum Product Owner and you want to get your certificate as soon as possible, then our e-learning Scrum Product Owner is probably made for you.

Where do I follow the Product Owner training?

When you register for the Hybrid training

  • you follow the theoretical part of the training via our Virtual Class on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 09:00 to 13:00
  • you follow the practical workshop day from 09:30 to 17:00 at our location in Haarlem at Nieuwe Gracht 3 or in Antwerp at the Franklin Rooseveltplaats: both a short walk from the central station and with good parking.

When you register for an Online training

  • follow the training via our Virtual Class on Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00 to 13:00.

And of course you can also follow the training in-company on request

How do I certify myself as a Product Owner?

With the Scrum Product Owner exam you certify yourself as a certified Scrum Product Owner. At the end of the first training day, you will have access to a personalized e-learning environment. You will find a lot of video material here so that you can watch parts of the training again at a later moment. You then also take the exam via the e-learning environment to certify yourself as a Product Owner. Read more

Which Scrum certificate do I receive?

The choice is yours. In our view, the two most important internationally recognized Scrum Product Owner certificates are: Scrum Product Owner Certified abbreviated as ‘SPOC’ and Professional Scrum Product Owner abbreviated as ‘PSPO’.
Of these, SPOC is the most generic, not specifically IT-oriented, certificate. PSPO from scrum.org is, partly due to its history, more IT-oriented. The Scrum theory required to obtain each of the certificates is of course the same. In general, PSPO exam questions are slightly more IT-oriented. Read more

What does the Product Owner training cost?

For this two-day Scrum Product Owner training you pay EUR 1095 (ex VAT) and yes, it includes:

  • Scrum Product Owner Certified Exam and Certificate (to be taken after the training)
  • Start guarantee
  • All learning materials
  • Personal e-Learning environment
  • Lunch
  • Exam guidance

For this training our Not-Good-Money-Back-Guarantee applies.

NB. If you register for the Online version of this training, i.e. without the practical workshop, you’ll pay €100 (ex VAT) less.

  • Product Owner

    26.06.24 – 27.06.24

  • Product Owner

    10.07.24 – 11.07.24

  • Product Owner

    24.07.24 – 25.07.24

  • Product Owner

    07.08.24 – 08.08.24

  • Product Owner

    04.09.24 – 05.09.24

  • Product Owner

    18.09.24 – 19.09.24

  • Product Owner

    02.10.24 – 03.10.24

  • Product Owner

    16.10.24 – 17.10.24

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