What am I learning?

After following the Scrum Master training you:

  • have insight into Agile ideas and Scrum?
  • understand why and how Scrum works for all kinds of projects.
  • know how to act as a Scrum Master with servant leadership for your team.
  • can organize and set up meetings according to Scrum.
  • are able to define the roles and responsibilities within a Scrum project and determine the interpretation of those roles in your Scrum team.
  • you globally certified as a Scrum Master?

Who is the e-learning intended for?

This training is ideal for you if you already have practical experience as a Scrum Master, you don’t need practical training and want to get certified in the shortest possible time. Exactly when it suits you best, you will receive the theory explained step by step in short videos. In addition, on the basis of many practice questions and quizzes, you will be given extensive opportunities to practice for the exam. You can then plan the exam that is included yourself and take it via this e-learning platform.

What can I expect?

  • access to a personal e-learning, online learning environment with apps for your phone and tablet
  • including a maximum of one hour of telephone guidance by an experienced trainer about the use of the environment, explanation of the theory and the exam.
  • including exam to certify you internationally as Scrum Master Certified

Where can I take the e-learning Scrum Master?

You can follow this online via your personal learning environment at the times that suit you best.

How do I certify myself as a Scrum Master?

With the Scrum Master exam you certify yourself as a certified Scrum Master. You get access to an e-learning environment that is personalized for you. Here you will get the theory explained step by step in short videos. You also take the exam via the e-learning environment to certify yourself as a Scrum Master. In the e-learning environment you plan a day and time that suits you best to take the exam. You take the exam online and consists of 100 multiple choice questions. You have two hours to answer it. At the end of the exam you will immediately receive the results and if you pass you are internationally certified as Scrum Master Certified!

What does the training cost?

The costs for this e-learning Scrum Master Certified, including the e-learning environment for your phone and tablet, including the international certifying SMC exam and including the hour of telephone guidance by an experienced trainer, are EUR 495 (ex VAT).

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