All the Benefits of Agile Working According to Scrum

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In a previous article, I told you about the meaning and content of Agile working according to Scrum. But what does that actually bring you? A lot. I’ll explain: all the benefits of Agile working according to Scrum.


Let’s start with adaptability, in Scrum terminology ‘adaptability’. The beauty of Scrum is that it breathes flexibility. Within Scrum, a project is planned and delivered step by step, sprint by sprint. This means that every sprint is an opportunity to learn and adapt. If you’ve ever worked on a project where change was seen as an obstacle, you’ll find it refreshing how Scrum embraces change as an opportunity for improvement.


Scrum loves transparency. Scrum tools like the Scrumboard and the Sprint Burndown Chart are shared with everyone. This means everyone is aware of what’s happening, who’s working on what, and how close we are to our goals. No secrets, no surprises, open and honest communication.

Continuous Feedback

Scrum is like that true friend who also has your best interests in mind. Through daily standup meetings, reviews, and retrospective meetings, Scrum ensures constant feedback. This allows us to collaborate more closely, learn from our mistakes, celebrate our successes, and continue to improve.

Continuous Improvement

Speaking of improvement, Scrum is known for providing space for continuous improvement. Every sprint is an opportunity to make our product or service better. Not settling for “good enough”, we always strive for better.

Continuous Delivery of Value

Scrum is not only focused on improvement but also on delivering value earlier. Through Scrum’s iterative processes, we can deliver value to our customers and users sooner. No more waiting until the end of the project to see value; with Scrum, we see progress and results sooner.

Sustainable Pace

Another great advantage of Scrum is its sustainable pace. It has evolved in such a way that people can work at a pace they can maintain continuously. No exhaustion, no burnouts, but a sustainable and healthy pace that allows for long-term productivity and happiness.

Early Delivery of High Value

Within Scrum, we ensure that the customer’s highest value requirements are met first. This means we focus on delivering the most valuable features or components first, allowing customers to see value faster.

Efficient Development Process

Thanks to time-boxing, setting maximum times for meetings, and Scrum’s focused approach, we can achieve a higher level of efficiency. By minimizing non-essential work and focusing on what really matters, we can deliver results faster and more efficiently.


Scrum is also great for team motivation. Through the daily scrum and retrospective meetings, you are empowered to take responsibility for your part of the project. This makes you feel heard and valued, motivating you to further contribute to the team’s success.

Faster Problem Solving

In a Scrum environment, collaboration is encouraged, leading to faster problem-solving. And by working in a cross-functional team, problems can be solved more quickly.

Effective Deliveries

Scrum also ensures effective deliveries to the customer. With continuous revisions and improvements, we can deliver high-quality products or services to our customers.

Customer Focus

With Scrum, the customer is king. By emphasizing value and a strong collaborative approach with stakeholders, we ensure our efforts are always focused on what’s best for the customer.

High-Trust Environment

Scrum also promotes a high-trust environment. By conducting daily stand-ups and retrospective sprint processes, transparency and collaboration are encouraged, leading to a workplace with a high level of trust.

Collective Ownership

Within Scrum, project ownership is shared by all team members. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute, take responsibility, and own their work. This leads to higher quality and greater engagement in the work.

High Speed

Thanks to Scrum’s collaborative approach, teams can harness their full potential and perform at high speed. No time wasted on unnecessary meetings or bureaucracy, just fast, efficient progress.

Innovative Environment

Finally, Scrum fosters an innovative and creative work environment. Through retrospective processes, an environment of introspection, learning, and adaptability is created, leading to innovation and creativity.

These are all the benefits of Agile working according to Scrum. It’s not just about efficiency and productivity; it’s also about building a healthy, motivating, and innovative work environment. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

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By: Merijn Visman