Hybrid & Online Agile Scrum training & certification tailored to you

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Depending on your knowledge and practical Agile Scrum experience, we have the following three options for you to train and certify yourself Agile as a Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner.

Hybrid > Virtual Classroom + Physical Workshop day

If you have little or no knowledge or experience of Scrum or if you like to learn the theory together with other participants and have it explained based on practical examples, our Hybrid training is useful and nice:

  1. a few days before the training you will receive the written teaching material at home
  2. on the first and second half day of class you log in at home via your laptop or desktop in our Virtual Classroom. Both immediately following half online class days are from 09:00-13:00. Because you can see and talk to each other and there are a maximum of 7 other participants, the interaction is guaranteed, just like in a real Scrum team. In addition, you do not have to travel for these two half days and you have time in the afternoon for other activities.
  3. after the two half days of online classes you will receive a personal online e-learning for your laptop and tablet. Here you can further master the material on the basis of video material and quizzes and plan and take your exam.
  4. finally, you’ll follow the physical workshop day at our location in which we will practice the practice. Together you will go through an entire Scrum project on this day and you will experience how Scrum theory comes to life in practice and what it is like to be a Scrum Master or Product Owner in practice. Of course we plan this day in close consultation with all participants. And here too: because our teams are never larger than a maximum of 7 other participants, interactivity and safety are guaranteed.

Online > Virtual Classroom

If you already have a lot of practical experience as a Scrum Master or Product Owner and like to learn or refresh the theory interactively with others and to be able to ask questions and have them explained based on practical examples, but you do not need the physical workshop day, you can also choose to register for the Online training only. In that case, you will not participate in the practical workshop day and you will then go through the above steps up to and including 3.

e-learning Scrum Master Certified or Product Owner Certified

If you already have extensive experience with working Agile as a Scrum Master or Product Owner, you want to refresh the theory and certify yourself, then one of our e-learning courses is ideal for that. After registration you will receive a personal online learning environment that you can use via your laptop, PC or tablet. At the time that suits you, you can refresh your theory with videos and quiz questions and then plan your online exam to certify yourself as a Scrum Master or Product Owner Certified while you spend an hour for specific questions and exam preparation. -on-1 guidance from one of our trainers.

By: Merijn Visman