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You and your organization can benefit from a better way of organizing. A flexible way that allows you to respond to rapid changes in society and the market. One that quickly translates your customer’s wishes into actual products and services. Which makes employees happier. And with which you can make adjustments along the way. According to Scrum, Agile working is the route to success for many small and large projects.

The highest value in the shortest possible time: that is the promise of Scrum.
Together with the experienced Agile/Scrum professionals at iPeople, you will fulfill that promise.

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What is Agile / Scrum?

Agile is a framework that you can use to organize all kinds of projects and that revolves around flexibility and customer focus. A popular way of working agile is Scrum. With Scrum you get better results, faster.

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Scrum Basics

In half a day you will learn everything about how to work within a Scrum Team that independently organizes, plans and executes. You complete the training with the Scrum Fundamentals certificate.

Scrum Master Training

As a Scrum Master you are a problem solver, teacher and guardian of Agile working according to Scrum. As a servant leader you ensure that the Scrum team works together optimally: for a valuable [...]

Scrum Product Owner Training

As a Scrum Product Owner you are 'the voice of the customer'. You monitor the project vision from the customer's perspective and set priorities and conditions as a strong communicator.

e-Learning Scrum Master Certified

Ideal e-learning if you already have Scrum Master practical experience and want to be certified as a Scrum Master in the shortest possible time.

e-Learning Scrum Product Owner Certified

Ideal e-learning if you already have Scrum Product Owner practical experience and want to certify as a Scrum Product Owner in the shortest possible time.

Product Owner Fasttrack

Your project is starting soon and you have no time to lose? With the Product Owner Fasttrack training you will learn all the tips & tricks you need to develop your [..]

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