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You and your organization can benefit from a better way of organizing. A flexible way that allows you to respond to rapid changes in society and the market. One that quickly translates your customer’s wishes into actual products and services. Which makes employees happier. And with which you can make adjustments along the way. According to Scrum, Agile working is the route to success for many small and large projects.

The highest value in the shortest possible time: that is the promise of Scrum.
Together with the experienced Agile/Scrum professionals at iPeople, you will fulfill that promise.

We are iPeople. Nice to meet you.

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What is Agile / Scrum?

Agile is a framework that you can use to organize all kinds of projects and that revolves around flexibility and customer focus. A popular way of working agile is Scrum. With Scrum you get better results, faster.

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Scrum Basics

In half a day you will learn everything about how to work within a Scrum Team that independently organizes, plans and executes. You complete the training with the Scrum Fundamentals certificate.

Scrum Master Training

As a Scrum Master you are a problem solver, teacher and guardian of Agile working according to Scrum. As a servant leader you ensure that the Scrum team works together optimally: for a valuable [...]

Scrum Product Owner Training

As a Scrum Product Owner you are 'the voice of the customer'. You monitor the project vision from the customer's perspective and set priorities and conditions as a strong communicator.

e-Learning Scrum Developer

Ideal e-learning for those who already have Scrum Developer practical experience and want to get certified as a Scrum Developer in the shortest possible time.

e-Learning Scrum Master Certified

Ideal e-learning if you already have Scrum Master practical experience and want to be certified as a Scrum Master in the shortest possible time.

e-Learning Scrum Product Owner Certified

Ideal e-learning if you already have Scrum Product Owner practical experience and want to certify as a Scrum Product Owner in the shortest possible time.

Scrum Developer Training

As a Scrum Developer you are an expert in your field and a valuable team player. As a proactive Scrum team member, you contribute to the team by developing high-quality products and services [...]

Product Owner Fasttrack

Your project is starting soon and you have no time to lose? With the Product Owner Fasttrack training you will learn all the tips & tricks you need to develop your [..]

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Hybrid & Online Agile Scrum training & certification tailored to you

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Nienke VallentgoedNienke Vallentgoed
08:15 23 Feb 24
Our Scrum Fundamentals training from Merijn was great! He knows how to make the theory lively and interesting, so that the subject matter remains memorable. We even did some team building through a cool exercise at the end of the training. Really great!
Rogier BrakshoofdenRogier Brakshoofden
12:54 24 Jan 24
Defined a goal - found iPeople - great two day Product Owner course by Merijn - no sweat certificate.Just the way it should be, with a nice mix of info, assignments, humor and personal stories. 5/5 would recommend!
Rosan SchotpoortRosan Schotpoort
11:13 05 Jan 24
Merijn gives this training with a lot of knowledge, experience and humor. Recommended!
R TimarR Timar
09:54 22 Dec 23
Followed the Scrum Basics training at iPeople last Wednesday. I was introduced to Scrum in half a day. The training was very interactive with many practical examples. I will definitely do further training.
Wully BabelWully Babel
09:49 27 Nov 23
Clear explanation and a very good way of conveying information!
an wandersan wanders
15:26 20 Nov 23
A very good training/course. I have learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more/everything about the Product Owner position. Assessment: Very satisfied with the professional knowledge and personal, to-the-point, and good guidance of the trainer/teacher and with the material that I received.
Inge TimmersInge Timmers
10:32 22 Dec 22
I followed the Scrum Master through Ipeople and was guided by Merijn Visman. I found the course very interesting. Merijn's explanation made the sometimes somewhat complicated crust a bit more digestible. I would definitely recommend this course with Merijn. The practice day was not only fun, but also very useful and enjoyable!
M De BeerM De Beer
11:06 08 Dec 22
I followed the Scrum Product Owner training from iPeople; 2 days (online) theory and 1 day practice. Merijn is a fantastic trainer. He is excellent at explaining and enthusing. Good preparation for the exam. The practice day was in Haarlem. Nice location and nice diverse group. Learned a lot.
Ruben StoelhorstRuben Stoelhorst
07:32 09 Nov 22
Had a very nice interactive and educational training / workshop! Merijn masters the material like no other and can convey that in an enthusiastic way!
Marjolein GoosMarjolein Goos
17:00 03 Oct 22
I found following the Scrum Master Certified via iPeople to be very valuable.Merijn Visman's guidance adds a lot and helps you become more familiar with the subject. The correspondingpractical day ensures that emphasis is placed on the essence and with the most important parts of the scrum processcan be practiced. Merijn's coaching is also spot on: with humor and to the point.Recommended!
Caroline LartigolleCaroline Lartigolle
10:53 14 Apr 21
Quality and value for the money. This is a must training for people interested in Scrum Product Owner training.Short, well documented and a passionate trainer with years of experiences !
Laurentiu CozmaLaurentiu Cozma
16:31 06 Feb 21
I did the course with Merijn from iPeople and I highly recommend them. I found Merijn to be a very dedicate professional who created a well structured course. The learning materials provided were good and the course was intensive and thorough, the lessons covered every information needed for the exam. I had a very nice communication with the trainer, both during the course and after it, while preparing for the certification exam.
Bas van der HeideBas van der Heide
11:13 16 Dec 20
Just finished an extensive and very useful training for Certified SCRUM Master, professionally facilitated by
Arthur KuitersArthur Kuiters
11:47 30 Nov 20
iPeople is highly recommendable for SCRUM training. iPeople was recommended by Scrum colleagues at ABN AMRO and they were perfectly right. Merijn is a great trainer with solid high level practical experience, strong educational skills and above all a friendly and inspiring person.
Bergtrust BVBergtrust BV
13:46 16 Aug 20
Product Owner training provided by Merijn was:- informative- interactive- easy to follow- easy to applyMerijn used all the time productively and he had my attention the whole time. Normally trainings have a dull or idle moment (usually discussing theory), but this was well done.I am ready to put the info into practice.
Rob SekewaelRob Sekewael
16:38 21 Jun 20
I realy liked the vivid way the theoretical part was presented by the trainer. Unlike other courses that I have followed, the trainer was able to keep me fascinated during the complete course.